Jerry Shaye, CEO
Educated at Dartmouth College and the Columbia University Graduate School of Business. Mr. Shaye entered the Peace Corps, serving as a volunteer in Venezuela for two years. Mr. Shaye continued working in Venezuela for 21 additional years, as an entrepreneur, an executive of a trading company and general manager for the country’s largest farmers’ cooperative. Shaye worked as Director of International Trade Development for the New York State Department of Economic Development. Mr. Shaye’s career with ESD, he led trade missions to China, Japan, Russia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and many European countries. Shaye teaches International Business and International Marketing in the MBA programs at Clarkson University Graduate Center, The Sage Colleges and The State University of New York at Albany as well as in Argentina, Russia, China, Venezuela and Mexico. In 2015, he consulted with the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and The Caribbean. The Tech Valley Global Business Network honored Mr. Shaye with a lifetime achievement award in 2012.