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The Privé Experience

Privé by SolarFi offers socially-distanced enclosures for restaurants, businesses, municipalities, and events that combine technology, renewable energy, and sustainability.

Privé pods provide a space for people to spend time outside, socialize and dine, all within a safe environment.

The pods use solar power to provide users with lighting, air conditioning and heat, device charging stations and Bluetooth-powered speakers.

Privé offers a VIP experience, without compromising safety, technology or comfort.​

The Pod that truly does it all –
Eco-friendly, Weather-resistant, Tech-savvy, Socially-distant, & VIP feeling

Privé Promo Video

Privé : A Solution For Every Business, Municipality, and Event

Vendor Stalls
Work Stations
Restaurants & Dining
Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 10.46.16 PM
Fairs & Festivals

Privé: A Success Story

Privé pods at Eataly, Fifth Avenue, NY
Privé pods at Rosa Mexicano, Boston
Privé pods used by NY Fashion Week
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Leading the Way

Our partners from a variety of industries offer financial, innovative, supply and manpower support​

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