We are an impact-driven community of people working to build a more efficient and sustainable system for emergency response and hospitality. As the world continues to adopt solar power as a means of transforming our cities and businesses, we aim to be a part of that effort.

We believe in transforming our cities and businesses by providing clean solar solutions to the hospitality industry, utility companies, and emergency response services.


Bliss measures 8’x8’x8’ and can be made larger or smaller.

It may be placed virtually anywhere, as long as there is sun and sufficient space available. .

About 15-20+ years!

We use lithium-Ion batteries with a battery storage of 30kWh and the autonomy of up to ten hours and its operation does not produce any noise or exhaust.

It can be used for sensors for weather, safety, and demographic data collection

We have seen an unprecedented number of natural disasters and refugees in this world. Utility companies and emergency response organizations such as FEMA and the Red Cross need instant clean power and access to WiFi in disaster areas. Emergency responders currently rely on gas and diesel generators to power recovery efforts and rapidly re-establish internet connection if lost. At SolarFi, we know that a clean and sustainable solution is required to solve this problem.

Our solution to this problem is the SolarFi Bliss pod: a mobile unit that is easy to transport, set up and operate.Bliss addresses the needs of emergency response, acting as Points of Distribution and providing rapid electrification and network connection. Through cloud infrastructure, Bliss can assist in the secure collection of information and interconnecting all deployed pods.

“During Hurricane Ida last year my girlfriend was stranded without power. I was living in Houston. There were no generators in stock. I had to buy generators and power banks in Houston and drive it to her and her kids. Because they had no power I couldn’t reach them by phone anymore. AT&T was also down for days. I thought to myself why aren’t there stations that provide WiFI, phone charging, and cold water? Wait.. I do own a solar company that provides this type of stuff to restaurants, why aren’t we working on disaster relief and hurricanes.”

-Antonio Dixon

Large city events and festivals have a significant environmental footprint. Portable gas generators have been a requirement to power lighting, food trucks and pop-up vendors. Clean energy sources were never flexible or mobile enough to replace these generators. Bliss changes this, providing event organizers with the solution to clean energy generation. Bliss supports brands and vendors during festivals, events, and in the tailgating market by providing an energy-autonomous turnkey pop-up experience.

Our SolarFi Bliss pod can act as a turnkey business-in-a-box to pop up at festivals and events. For instance, a utility company like Alabama Power looking to demonstrate that they care about ESG can brand our pods and use them at college football games as a charging station and pop-up bar.


Yes! You can also rent a Prive pod. Contact us for more information at

They come in different sizes:

6×8 , 8×8, and 8×12

Privé means “Private” in French.

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