The Pod that Truly Does It All: Eco-friendly, Weather-resistant, Tech-savvy, Socially-distant, and a VIP feeling ​


Privé by SolarFi offers socially-distanced enclosures for restaurants, businesses, municipalities, and events that combine technology, renewable energy, and sustainability.


Privé pods come equipped with solar panels, Hepa filters, ventilation, fans, and heat and provide convenient charging stations and bluetooth capable entertainment.


Our five uniquely sized units accommodate anywhere from 2 to 15 people.


Made from a highly resistant, fully transparent, and safe polycarbonate structure, the pods provide up to 100% protection from harmful UV rays and are made with 100% recycled materials.​

Benefits of Using Privé Pods

Private Dining Experience

Safe, Socially-distant experience, capacity - 2 to 12 people​​

Solar Powered

Both cool and warm settings, solar panels, batteries, components, and technical support required to run.​


Made from a highly resistant, fully transparent, and safe polycarbonate structure.​


Charge devices, play music via color-changing bluetooth speakers and listen to weather monitoring station.​​


SolarFi Privé Pods Provided at Eataly NYC Flatiron

SolarFi brings its luxuriously heated, patent-pending, solar-powered Privé pods to Eataly’s Baita Italian pop-up restaurant.

Mazzone Hospitality and Prime at Saratoga National

Prime at Saratoga National to launch heated pods for outdoor dining this winter; Official sees ‘opportunity’

Partnership with the University of Alabama

In a partnership with startup SolarFi, the University of Alabama has deployed outdoor solar-powered study “pods”.

SolarFi's pods: An African concept in Spa City

An African villager trying to earn a living charging cellphones led to a high-end fine-dining experience in the picturesque resort city of Saratoga Springs.

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