SolarFi Bliss is an energy-autonomous, mobile, flexibly-designed solar pod, well-suited for deployment in post-disaster impact zones.

Bliss incorporates both satellite and cellular connectivity, offering affected citizens and First Responders access to device charging stations and internet connectivity. With Bliss, government agencies, utility companies, non-governmental organizations, and volunteers will become more efficient and safer in the performance of their response efforts. Affected citizens will be able to mark themselves safe and be able to contact loved ones.

Because Bliss is a mobile unit that is easy to transport, set up, and operate, it can be placed virtually anywhere sufficient sunlight and space are available. These features make Bliss a perfect solution for supporting the response effort.


Emergency Response


Solar Power

Volunteer Management


Internet Connectivity

Points of Distribution for Food and Water

  • Volunteer management is an essential element of every emergency management plan is the clear designation of responsibility for the on-site check-in / check-out and coordination of unaffiliated volunteers.
    Support for FEMA Home Inspectors
  • The FEMA inspection is part of the process to determine whether a home is safe, sanitary, and functional. In most cases, communications infrastructure is compromised after a major disaster. Inspectors require internet connectivity in order to file their reports and expedite assistance to the homeowner.
    Information Kiosk
  • Provide the ability to find an open emergency shelter via access to the FEMA Mobile App, or by searching online for shelters and disaster recovery centers.

Events and Festivals

Pop-Up Experience



Clean energy generation


Alabama Power introduces SolarFi Bliss at the tailgating event of the largest historically black college and university (HBCU) football game in the country.

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